Nutri Advanced



Caprylic Acid + Supportive Herbal Compounds

Nutrispore is a highly potent formula containing caprylic acid and herbal compounds, including grapefruit seed, which contains components which may contribute to the microbial balance of body organs and tissues.

Nutrimonium contains nutrients that contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, including riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and manganese.

It also contains green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid.

Supports optimal micronutrient levels, with a broad range of nutrients including vitamin D, selenium, manganese and iodine.

Features BCM-95®, a patent-pending, natural, highly bioavailable curcumin extract. Curcumin helps to support inflammatory processes within the body, and it also supports digestion.

Nutrimonium is an evidence-based formulation, developed by scientists, tested in clinical practice, and shown to have efficacious results in clinical studies.

Cost-effective nutritional solution, which is delicious mixed into yoghurt, milk, juice or any beverage of your choice!

One serving daily.

Key Features:

Tested on animals?

Vegan or vegetarian?
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Not recommended during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.
Keep in a cool dry place, tightly capped.

60 tablets


Each tablet typically contains:
Caprylic acid (magnesium caprylate) 240 mg
Garlic 20 mg
Cinnamon (bark) 20 mg
Thyme (leaf) 12 mg
Basil (leaf) 12 mg
Undecylenic acid 10 mg
Turmeric extract 10 mg
Black walnut hulls powder 10 mg
Beet (root) 10 mg
Aloe vera (leaf) 10 mg
Grapefruit (seed) extract 10 mg
Clove (flower bud) 10 mg
Oregano (leaf) 5 mg
Zinc (picolinate) 5 mg

Tableted with:
Silicon dioxide
Stearic acid
Magnesium stearate


1 tablet three times daily, or as directed.

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