Our values

The NOCO values were created to empower nutritionists like you to provide excellence to your clients, backed up by expert knowledge and the latest scientific research. We have taken great care to curate a refined collection of health products for a variety of goals. Selected for the quality of ingredients and ethical values of suppliers, our range includes nutrient formulas, probiotics, specialty products and vitamin and mineral formulas.

Who is NOCO for?

If you are a qualified or studying nutritionist who cares about the contents and backstory of the supplements you buy, NOCO was created for you.

How is the NOCO range selected?

Every product in our range is chosen for its adherence to NOCO values of quality and ethics. This selection will grow but only if the suppliers fit the criteria. If you have any questions, our expert nutritionist Olianna would love to help and also share her own passion for excellent nutrition.

NOCO ethos

NOCO is a positive brand but there are some things we will always say no to:

  • Unethical practices
  • Low quality products
  • Animal testing
  • Firms without a social purpose
  • Overloading with information

NOCO supply products that:

  • Have met stringent manufacturing and testing processes in line with EU and UK legislation.
  • Wherever possible either eliminate or significantly reduce bulking agents and fillers.
  • Excipient materials are used in small amounts as tableting and encapsulation requires but we support any developments in this process.
  • Have not been tested on animals.
  • Are supplied by companies that operate in a socially responsible manner